What is Steam Early Access?

According to http://store.steampowered.com/earlyaccessfaq, it is a system that allows you to gain access to games that are being developed with the community’s involvement. It also says that you will get the final game when it is released, but it’s up to the developer to determine when they are ready to call the game complete.

By joining the early access program, you get the chance to test early versions of the game that may or may not be fully functional, due to the fact that it’s a constant work in progress. You also get access to new features as they are implemented, and you also get to be heavily involved in the process of finding and ironing out bugs. Finally, when all that is over, you’ll get your copy of the completed product, for no additional charge.

Hive already has many features working, but there is a bunch of AI work and more testing (and the resulting bug-fixes from that testing) that need to be done before the final release.

  • Things that are not currently working:
    • There are 5 levels of AI. The top 2 haven’t been tested or tuned very much at all, yet. So they’ll say they’re really hard but they probably aren’t.
    • There are no expansion pieces yet (they will probably be DLC, and will not be part of the initial release).
    • Early Access is only PC (Windows). Mac and Linux ports will be done soon after (the game is already written in cross-platform Monogame system, so the other platforms will come soon after, if all goes well).
    • The menus/settings still need some tweaking. We aim to make them more mouse/keyboard friendly. Right now, some menus require pressing buttons (like “Enter”) instead of allowing clicks in all cases. We say “Start” in a lot of places, where “Enter” makes more sense if you’re on a keyboard. The location of your mouse can make it hard to change to a different Game Setting, etc..
  • Things that are actually in the build:
    • Pass-n-play (2 players on same computer, sharing one mouse/keyboard or gamepad).
    • Local multiplayer (2 players on same computer with separate gamepads and/or mouse/keyboard).
    • Play against AI works (see note above about difficulty)
    • Online games
    • Steam Stats and Achievements
    • Fluid change between mouse/keyboard and gamepad. You can hop between them mid-play and the game will detect that you’re using something else.
    • New menus and transitions between them.

Please head over to the Steam Store Page for Hive for more information!

13 comments on “Steam Early Access Disclaimer

  1. beaodan on said:

    how do I get this game?

  2. Looks decent and pretty casual i’d like to give it a try

  3. i bought your game in early access. when will be game finnished or version playable against computer? i am looking forward

    • Hi Jiri, thanks for buying the game! :)

      The game can be played against the computer already, but only the bottom 3 levels of AI are done. The top two levels of AI are not hard enough yet ;) We expect that you should be able to play Online in January, and we hope that the AI is finished being polished in February.

  4. I bought this game in early access but now i see that this game cannot be runned on netbook from 2010 (packard bell dot s) cause older netbooks have only openGL 1.4.

    i tryed upgrade openGL but it seems that its not possible.

    is it necessary to use higher openGLversion  to programming this  game with very simple graphics?

    thank you, bye

    • Hi Jirka,
      That is annoying that it doesn’t work. :-/ Instead of searching to upgrade OpenGL, have you attempted to upgrade your video drivers? If you find the “dot s” here and attempt to install the Video driver (after you select the dot s, go to “Driver” tab, then look for “VGA”):

      I understand that it’s frustrating for a board game not to work on any graphics card. It’s not that the graphics are extremely intense, it’s just that the code has to make some assumptions about what it supported. We use the Monogame library (which lets us port to PC / Mac / Linux) and that requires OpenGL 2.1 to work correctly. Even OpenGL 2.1 is more than 7 years old ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenGL#OpenGL_2.1 ). The version of OpenGL that your netbook is reporting is more than 11 years old :(

      It bothers me too that it doesn’t work on more computers (especially since board gamers, myself included, are more likely than your average PC gamer to have low-end graphics cards). We’ll keep working to try to lower the requirements of Monogame, but in the meantime your best bet is probably that driver upgrade. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience :(

      Please let me know if the driver upgrade does/doesn’t work for you. Thank you!
      – Sean

  5. I tried upgrade, but the last version of Intel VGA drivers contains only openGL 1,4 :-/

    do you have any idea how to instal openGL 2,1 to netbooks?

    what about any development kit software for opengl?

    bye, jirka

  6. i tried to find SDK with newest openGL but no result.

    do you have any idea please?

    • hi jirka,
      We dug in some more, it looks like the drivers for those older cards never did get upgraded to OpenGL 2.1 :( …see this page under the section “Older Graphics Products”:
      http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-033757.htm it looks like G33 / G31 only got up to OpenGL 1.4.

      Unfortunately, installing an OpenGL SDK won’t help you because the implementation of OpenGL has to be in the graphics card drivers themselves (the drivers are the code on your computer that listens to what programs tell it and knows how to translate that into something the specific graphics card can understand).

      This means we’re kind of at a roadblock at the moment. Do you have any other computers that you could play the game from? If not, I think we might be stuck & you might have to get a refund.

      I’m really sorry for the difficulties & I wish there was something I could do to just support older cards, but unfortunately OpenGL has changed so much since 1.4, that it’s not straightforward to be able to support it and also support newer computers at the same time.

      If there’s anything else I can do to be of help, please let me know. Sorry for the difficulties!

  7. hi Sean,
    thank you for helping, i no need refund money. i can play it in future on other pc.

    or what about send me real playing chips and i can play it on the table like board game :)

    best regards

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