Khet 2.0 - the Laser Game

The award-winning laser board game comes to Steam!

Windows, Mac & Linux

Trailer for Khet on Steam

The award winning Laser-Chess game, Khet 2.0, comes to Steam in October of 2014!
(from the creators of Hive)

Officially licensed version of the “Mensa Select” award-winning board game!

The Laser Game Khet 2.0: Mind blowing laser fun for players ages 9-99. Using simple rules that can be learned in minutes players alternate turns moving Egyptian themed mirrored pieces, after which they fire their laser with the goal of blasting their opponents Pharaoh to win the game!

Buy it once and play on PC, Mac, & Linux!


  • Play locally or online.
  • Play against the computer – AI with five difficulty levels.
  • Includes “hot-seat”/”pass-n-play” mode for multiplayer using only one computer.
  • Full 3D with camera-control
  • Full controller and “Steam Big Picture” support
  • Switch seamlessly between playing with mouse/keyboard and gamepad.
  • Friggin’ lasers!
  • Dozens of Steam Stats & Achievements.
  • Elo Ratings for online games – ranked on a Steam Leaderboard
  • Steam Trading Cards, Badges, Backgrounds & Emoticons
  • The Khet board game is a winner of many awards including “Mensa Select”, “Popular Science: Best of 2011 Toy Fair”, and was a Toy Association “Toy of the Year Finalist”.
  • Steam version has no added DRM and can run everything except the online play & Steam-specific bonuses (Steam Achievements, Steam Leaderboards, etc.), without any internet connection and/or without Steam installed.
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6 Responses to Khet

  1. I have the Khet board game and I’m happy to be able to play online with the game on Steam.  I am asking if there are plans to add the Eye of Horus and/or tower of Kadesh expansion packs?



    • Hey Ross,
      Thanks for playing our Steam version… the day after your comment we actually released the Eye of Horus Beamsplitter!

      The Tower of Kadesh never got released for Khet 2.0 (mainly structural issues I think… the board is lighter & thinner than the original Khet board), but the game’s designer has said that he has some designs around for it for Khet 2.0… so it might see the light of day on Steam – where gravity is only a suggestion 😉 We have no specific plans yet though.

      Thanks for your support!

  2. I get the following runtime error:

    “Attempted to read or write protected memory.

    This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.”

    I get this on two machines, one running XP and another running windows 7.

    I have not been able to play th game yet.

    The above error message occurs during installation on both machines!


    • Hi Richard,
      Sorry for the problems you’re having! Are you the same user who reported this on the Steam forums yesterday and then deleted the local files, then manually deleted the other files, and reinstalled… and it works?

      If not, and it’s still not working for you, please let me know. Ideally, if you could send a logfile to that would help us debug your situation too. The instructions for getting your logfile are in the last bullet point of the “Bug Reporting Tips” section of this page.

      Thanks & sorry again for the problems!

  3. Please release Khet 2.0 for Android / ios !

    (Android first, please)

    It is my favourite game, and I was severely disappointed when I realised that I am still unable to play on android. I understand that Schogini released a version for android/ios but it is no longer available on the play store. Also, it would be nice to use the same servers/accounts regardless of the platform.

    • We’re definitely considering this and have talked to Luke about it.

      Before we can get there, we’re going to be beefing up the Touch Screen support. We’ve already done an update which makes the entire game playable without keyboard or gamepad (eg: just Mouse… in the future, just Touch). We’re hoping to have some more Touch updates soon.

      Once Touch is fully supported, we’ll probably start experimenting with making the game UI render on very small screens and figuring out how to handle the various mobile resolutions to see if this is tractable. I would expect that this is more likely to happen than not, at this point. 🙂

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