Trello Burndown is open source!

Recently, we made one of our internal tools publicly available: Burndown charts for Trello. It’s been surprisingly successful: all we did was blog about it and there are about 100 users who have logged in already!

Since the little app seems to be gaining popularity, we figured that now would be a good time to open up the source-code so that others can either help improve it, or just use it to learn about the Trello API.

Here are the important links:

If you have improvements to contribute, please let us know! 🙂

9 Responses to Trello Burndown is open source!

  1. I clicked on the link and was asked for approval to access my information. I approved and nothing happens…..any ideas?

  2. @Carrie:
    Very strange! If you are a member of any boards, they should show up there if everything was working correctly.

    What browser are you using? Internet Explorer 8? Safari?

    Hopefully I can try to reproduce the problem & figure out what went wrong.

    – Sean

    • I am a member of several (8) boards. I just got it to work. I want to say the problem was the time it took to obtain all of the information from all of the boards. I am using chrome. Question: how can you (or can you) get the boxes to auto-populate?

      • @Carrie:
        Glad it’s loading now! In what way do you want the boxes to auto-populate? Do you want to put the same number in all of them, or do you have the number somewhere else (for instance, if you use the Trello Scrum extension).


  3. The Trello burn down is exactly what I was looking for. I was trying to find out if the calculations exclude weekends or if there is a way to exclude weekends.

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