Free app: Trello Burndown

BlueLine Games is a small team and we NEED to move fast (time is money!). Because of this we need awesome (and lightweight) project managment solutions.

Thanks to recommendations from Vicky Carlsson we found the tools Toggl and Trello. Toggl is a simple tool for time-tracking (might blog more about that later).

Trello is a lightweight project management tool for tracking tasks on cards (somewhat Kanban style if you want it to be). It’s relatively new, and one of the few drawbacks I found to it is that there isn’t a clear way to estimates tasks so it’s hard to figure out how long an entire project will take.

Since I couldn’t find a good solution, I built one: Trello Burndown. To use it, just connect with your Trello account (the API uses OAuth so we never see your password). There is a place next to each task for a time-estimate. Just fill that out (and update it if your estimate changes). Each day that you log in, the app will store the total of your estimates & chart your burndown. In addition, it will estimate your completion date. The more days you login, the more accurate the total will become.

We’ve recently switched to using Scrum-like sprints, and have found that the Burndown charts are working pretty well for that. This will also be driving us to have more scrum-like features for the app in the near-future (like setting a sprint-duration and comparing your burndown to expected velocity, etc.).

Let us know in the comments if you found it helpful or if you have any questions!

Trello Burndown Chart2012-05-23 Update: Tonight I’ve released an upgrade to switch from the old Google Image Charts API (which is deprecated now and will disappear in 11 months) to the new Google Charts API. In simple english: the charts now look better, they have mouse-over info on every point, and they have two lines (“Hours Elapsed” and “Hours Completed”).