“Simply Chess” – now free to play on Steam!

Our fourth game, “Simply Chess” is now available on Steam!
Chess on Steam

It’s just what it sounds like: Chess! We wanted to stick to the basics, but to provide a ton of play modes: local multiplayer, pass-n-play, 100 Levels of AI powered by the Stockfish engine, online play, and async play (correspondence chess) w/Steam Notifications. We are also striving to make it widely accessible, so we’ve released on Windows, Mac, and Linux simultaneously and we support keyboard/mouse/gamepad interchangeably at any time.

We launched it just less than a week ago and were immediately surprised by the amount of traffic it got. In one day, it had doubled the number of downloads that our previous best-selling game has gotten in 1.5 years!

With this army of 10’s of thousands of testers, the community was able to find a ton of bugs and feature-improvements so we’ve been pushing a bunch of updates nonstop! Steam handles the upgrade-process so new versions only require downloading about as many bytes as you download when you hit a website… so we’re releasing quite often.

The way this game works: all features are totally free! After you’ve played a couple of games, you’ll get a 7 second cross-promotion before each new match. The cross-promotions are just ads for one of the other three digital tabletop games that BlueLine has released on Steam. If you’d rather not see the cross-promotions or want to send us a couple of bucks as a thank-you for the game: you can upgrade to Premium for $4.99 and you won’t see the cross promotion again.

Also, as a special thanks to our loyal fans… if you own all three of our other games, we will be updating the game so that you don’t see ads (basically: you get Premium for free).

We just want to say thank you to everyone who’s been playing & who has given us feedback on the game! It’s been a wild week and we’re expecting to cross the 100,000 downloads mark today!

New game: Hive for Xbox 360!

After more than 15 months of work, many nights of play-testing by our devoted Alpha team, and close to a kiddie-pool worth of Mountain Dew… it’s finally here!

Hive for Xbox 360!

Hive screenshot

When you think you’re starting to get good, add me on Xbox Live – “SeanColombo” – and I’ll gladly play a round with you!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback… please leave them in the comments below!

New game: Proximity!

BlueLine’s first game release is Proximity for the Pokki platform!Proximity HTML5 game.

We’re still hard at work on our larger project, Hive for Xbox 360, but we took about a week and a half aside to make Proximity. The game was an entry for the Pokki 1UP contest which is currently going on.

Proximity is a territory-based abstract strategy game – like Chess… or Hive ;). You place colored tiles with a number of armies on them and try to conquer the surrounding territories. Also: the tiles are hexagons (we may be obsessed).

The game currently supports single-player vs. AI (the AI is pretty decent) and local multiplayer.

Pokki is a platform which wraps HTML5 apps and makes them downloadable and automatcially-upgrading & has an app-store. The contest is to make a game for the platform using HTML5 and other web-standards (flash is forbidden). There are 3 judged awards and a people’s choice award which goes to the app with the most active players by the end of the competition.

Please go download and play Proxmity! 🙂

So far, most of the feedback is along these lines:

  • It’s maybe a bit too addictive
  • Are those numbers really random?
  • Oh, you can click the squirrel! 😀

Please let us know what you think of the game in the comments!

Proximity with Military skin

Proximity with Pokki skin

Proximity with Portal skin