Khet 2.0 launched on Steam!

Our second major release, “Khet 2.0” is now live on Steam! Buy it once and play it for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Hit that link to the Steam page to read all about the game. Here I’ll just wax poetic about our history launching it…

Before we (Sean & Geoff) started making games together, we had another startup that we worked on together. After a while we sold that company, but even back then we talked about making video games someday. We kicked around all kinds of ideas and Khet was one of the earlier ones. I think Geoff actually introduced me to the game years before, at RIT, but my memory is a bit fuzzy on when he first told me about it.

I started reading a ton of indie game blogs in 2007 to learn more. It seemed like a really brutal industry & I didn’t want to go in blindly, take one swing for the fences and then have to go back to a day-job if it wasn’t a hit. Four years later when BlueLine couldn’t be postponed any longer, my devious plot to take gaming by storm was based around creating a number of digital versions of award-winning board games. We had two games in mind that we thought we could do great. This is a for-reals photo from December 2011 after Geoff and I just finished playing board games at an Eat N’ Park late one night (they’re awesome for tolerating that kind of thing):
With today’s launch, we finally managed to ship the second of those games that we were playing nearly 3 years ago and dreaming of converting to a digital version!

It’s been a long ride, and we even had a false-start. We got about half-way making Khet for Xbox 360’s indie store when Microsoft announced that it would stop supporting XNA (the language used to make those games) and sales immediately tanked on that whole marketplace. We had to shelf the game for several months as we switched gears to port Hive – and our entire board game engine – to run on PC, Mac, and Linux with Steam networking instead of Xbox LIVE. As you can imagine, it was a bit tricky getting the PC, Mac, Linux license from the game designer after not shipping on Xbox 360. We shipped today though… reputation restored! 😀

That’s our very long backstory that’s probably mainly interesting to others devs or those thinking about starting some business (possibly gaming related) of their own.

If you have any questions, leave us a comment! We’re allowed to share most info. Now, go buy Khet 2.0 on Steam! 😀

– Sean

Hive for Xbox starting Alpha Testing!

Something's not right about the placement of that cursor... good thing we're doing an Alpha test!

Development has been cruising right along on Hive. While we’re still a few months away from a final version, we’ve gotten to the point that the game is playable as local multiplayer “pass-n-play” (where you share the same controller).

Obviously that’s very limited functionality, but it’s a very important milestone. Right now, players can start to hammer on the game to make sure the rules are exactly as expected and that the controls feel right.

We know there are a lot of die-hard Hive fans out there, and we’d love to have your feedback while we continue to develop the game so that we can make sure to do justice to the boardgame.

That’s why we’re starting a private Alpha Test and asking anyone interested to apply!

Hive Alpha Test

Here is some more info:

  • You need an Xbox-controller with a cord and a PC with .NET installed.*
  • You’ll get a download-link and will be notified when new versions of the alpha are available to download (probably every couple of weeks).
  • You will be invited to a private Alpha Test forum, where you can leave as much feedback as you want and discuss things with us as well as the other testers.
  • The PC Alpha-test version of the game will expire in a few months since we don’t have rights to distribute the game on PC (we got special permission for this Alpha Test).
  • We’ll need your email address. We will only email you about things relating to the Alpha test.**
  • Your name (or alias, if you prefer) will appear in the credits of the game.

Apply for the Private Alpha

If you’d like to be part of the Alpha, please do one (or more) of the following:

  • Tweet that you’d like to be in the alpha (here is a pre-assembled tweet!), and follow @BlueLineGames so that we can direct-message you more info.
  • “Like” the BlueLine Game Studios facebook page then post on our wall that you want to be in the Alpha Test (we’ll fb-message you more info).
  • We prefer the other two methods but if you don’t have twitter or facebook, just send an email to “sean” at this site (

Thanks in advance for helping us make sure that Hive for Xbox is the most amazing adaptation imaginable of the game we all love!
– Sean

* Download .NET for free here. Xbox doesn’t have a good way to let non-developers test games that are currently in development, but we can just build the game for PC and run the test there. We’d like testers to plug the Xbox controller into their USB port though, so that they can get a feel for whether the controls work right. Technically, you don’t need a wired controller if you happen to have a Wireless Gaming Reciever for Windows.
** If you want to be notified for all of our new game announcements and releases, please sign up for our mailing list.