New game: Proximity!

BlueLine’s first game release is Proximity for the Pokki platform!Proximity HTML5 game.

We’re still hard at work on our larger project, Hive for Xbox 360, but we took about a week and a half aside to make Proximity. The game was an entry for the Pokki 1UP contest which is currently going on.

Proximity is a territory-based abstract strategy game – like Chess… or Hive ;). You place colored tiles with a number of armies on them and try to conquer the surrounding territories. Also: the tiles are hexagons (we may be obsessed).

The game currently supports single-player vs. AI (the AI is pretty decent) and local multiplayer.

Pokki is a platform which wraps HTML5 apps and makes them downloadable and automatcially-upgrading & has an app-store. The contest is to make a game for the platform using HTML5 and other web-standards (flash is forbidden). There are 3 judged awards and a people’s choice award which goes to the app with the most active players by the end of the competition.

Please go download and play Proxmity! 🙂

So far, most of the feedback is along these lines:

  • It’s maybe a bit too addictive
  • Are those numbers really random?
  • Oh, you can click the squirrel! 😀

Please let us know what you think of the game in the comments!

Proximity with Military skin

Proximity with Pokki skin

Proximity with Portal skin

3 Responses to New game: Proximity!

  1. I love Proximity, and I second the addiction/random feedback! 🙂 About the randomness: do you guarantuee that both players get the same tiles through the course of the game, just in different order? Or is tile selection truly random, which means you might just get a lot of low-number tiles if you’re unlucky?

    Oh, and a shameless plug for our own game, Together Alone, also on Pokki! 🙂

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